Our mission is to make every student STEMsational

We combine technology and scientifically proven learning techniques to invent unconventional solutions for STEM learning. We want to:

  • Help every student pursue a STEM career
  • Make STEM learning easy and fun
  • Show every student path to excellence
  • Promote STEM among under-represented worldwide

Our vision is to bring equity to STEM jobs

We want to engage most needy and under-served communities to pursue STEM career. We want to:

  • Invent new techniques to create STEMxcitement
  • Engage under-represented genders, races and ethnicity
  • Provide techniques and resources for self-study
  • Encourage and Challenge to help excel in STEM

Spread STEM Beyond Borders

We believe STEM knows no barriers if approach is right. We value:

  • Starting early to acclimate faster
  • Innovation over conventional wisdom of learing
  • The spirit of Hard Fun over Competition
  • Include ALL to Serve ALL
  • Our Mission

  • Our Vision

  • Core Values


Students Impacted


Schools Served




Funds Donated

Regional Contribution

Bellevue School District

We believe charity always begins at home. We have donated over $13,000 to fund the needs of STEM related clubs across the Bellevue School District. Be it the need for equipment, books or anything else, we play our part. We are proud to be get nominated for the Nonproft of the year award in the Washington region.

National Contribution

California Chapter

While California is a leader in the tech, only 25% of middle school students are STEM aware and only 28% have proficient knowledge of STEM. To address this gap, and create opportunity for STEM equality for girls, and minorities, we have started a new local chapter. We conduct our STEM events to excite students from under-served schools in The Bay Area.

New Jersey Chapter

New Jersey, the home to a wide range of STEM businesses, but it only produces 16% STEM graduates each year. This is due to lack of early exposure to STEM and the taboo around it being hard to learn. We want to provide equitable learning opportunity to diverse STEM community across the state (women, Black, Latino) to pursue STEM as a career option. Hence we have started the New Jersey chapter.

Affinity Alliance Member

Science For Community is proud to be a part of Affinity Alliance of National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT). The Affinity Alliance is an advisory group comprised of leaders from the member organizations. Together we help ensure the Affinity Alliance initiatives are relevant to the population they serve.