Past Buzz Bowl Games


Summer 2016

First Buzz Bowl game event conducted in summer 2016. We were surprised to see so much appetite for Science in kids. It was exciting to have so many enthusiastic kids, ready to buzz at Bellevue Technology Center.


Winter 2017

Encouraged from our success, this time we invited self-formed teams along with individuals. Tyee middle school was a great place to expand. We had 3-times more registrations this time. We had a plenty of room for the parents to sit and watch their kids buzzing.


Spring 2017

In this Buzz Bowl we simplified the game and offered level appropriate questions. Odle middle school was the best venue for hosting 5-times more kids and almost 7-times more parents than our original event . Parents loved it and the kids buzzed all the way.



Parent of an elementary student in Bellevue

Thanks for organizing such a fun and complex event. Impressive to see so many high-schoolers leading the days' activities, plus countless hours of prep behind the scenes. Our kids definitely whet their appetite for science as they head to middle school. Hope to see you in future Buzz Bowls.

Parent of a middle schooler in Bellevue

The opportunity for kids to engage in a competitive science and math competition is truly priceless. The day of the competition, my son went home and scoured the internet for orbitals and then proceeded to memorize the periodic tables. Thank you for providing a great platform for our kiddos to want to learn more!

Message from SFC Team

Come join us

We are a nonprofit organization managed by high schoolers. Our team members are highly knowledgeable scholars with national level achievements. We all believe that knowledge is for sharing and changing lives. SFC has created Buzz Bowl, a jeopardy style educational game. It offers fun but challenging and thought provoking questions. Our mission is to make every middle school kid expert in common science subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Join us in building a strong future generation.