We are a non-profit organization managed by high schoolers. Members of Science For Community (SFC) are highly knowledgeable scholars with national level achievements. The most important thing we share in common is the belief that knowledge is the most powerful thing in the world. Particularly, when it is shared, it changes lives.

Our mission is to make every middle school kid expert in common science subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. What sets us apart is, we believe in self-motivated studying over tutoring. We like pressure-free learning over the learning through a competitive mindset. We want to re-kindle the students' curiosity for learning instead of overloading their brains with information.

To achieve our mission, our organization has created a buzzer-based STEM game which offers fun learning experience while challenging the participants' knowledge. The thought-provoking questions help parents validate how deeply the kids understand their subject.

If you are a high-schooler living in the Greater Seattle area, join us! Let's build a strong and self-made future Generation, together!