What is Buzz Bowl


Buzz Bowl is a buzzer game that includes quiz bowl style multiple choice and short answer questions. The questions are from subjects like Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science, Astronomy, and Energy. Its a team sport promoting collaboration among the team members. Even though its a team event, the format accommodates individuals by placing them in some existing team or forming a new one for them. Teams from various schools and grades challenge each other to buzz quickly and answer the questions. Whether your kid is a beginner in science or a whiz going to National Science Bowl, Buzz Bowl offers fun and challenge to everyone.

Why should my kid participate?

Buzz Bowl was created to make Math and Science learning fun. It is a game where everyone wins! Here are a few key benefits.

- Kids are given ample time to read the reference material which allows them to prepare ahead of time.
- Since the game demands quick thinking and fast buzzing, kids are required to know concepts in depth.
- The game format motivates kids to perform their best and promotes self-studying the subject.
- The format supports all difficulty levels especially kids who are beginning to learn science and NSB whiz!
- All teams play within their levels so kids enjoy the game without getting intimidated.
- Unlike NSB, there are no eliminations. This encourages the kids to perform their best till last minute and turn the tables in their favor.

What is parent’s role?

Parents just need to make their kids pick a subject, sign up for Buzz Bowl, get them the recommended material to prepare for the game, bring them to the game, watch them having fun and possibly win awards!