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Buzz Bowl Spring 2017

  • June 10 2017

After a hugely successful event earlier in January, the Buzz Bowl team returned with one more event. This time the game opened to 5th-8th graders. As always, this Buzz Bowl was also created to make Math and Science learning fun with its buzzing game where everyone could win.

We suggested the middle school level study material for all kids to get started. Odle middle school hosted 5-times more kids than our original event and almost 7-times more parents. Parents were delighted to see teams challenge each other to buzz quickly and answer the questions. The kids from a beginner to a whiz going to National Science Bowl, all participated and had fun.

Buzz Bowl Winter 2017

  • Jan 8 2017

Tyee middle school was a great place to expand. We had 3-times more kids this time and plenty of room for parents to sit and watch their kids buzzing. This Buzz Bowl was organized for aspiring NSB contestants. We opened it to self-formed teams as well as individuals looking for a team.

Learning from the past event, the game format was modified to offer level appropriate questions for beginners and kids preparing for NSB. We also separately awarded beginners and experts. The teams had a lot of fun challenging other unknown teams to buzz faster and score more.

Buzz Bowl Summer 2016

  • August 14 2016

It’s easy to keep the kids busy during the summer - enroll them in summer camps. But, it’s hard to find out how much they really learned. And, it’s hardest for the parents to keep the kids engaged and entertained when they are not in the camp. The first Buzz Bowl solved all these problems by motivating kids to learn a subject on their own, test and prove their knowledge.

The game of math and science, multiple choice and short answer questions was organized in a fun format. We teamed up every kid with other similar and smart middle school kids. The teams challenged each other to buzz faster and have fun. We had a great start with so many students at the Bellevue Technology Center.