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Buzz Bowl Summer 2018

  • June 16 2018

Science For Community SFC achieved the goal of raising $10,000 and donating to Bellevue Schools Foundation, the system that educated us. Our mission of promoting learning STEM, early in the elementary and middle school years earned us multiple honors at City and State level. Bellevue City Mayor, Mr. Chelminiak graced this event and motivated young learners through his inspiring speech on believing in themselves and chasing what they feel strongly about. The superstars of our event were volunteers who toiled throughout the day. Science For Community will always be thankful and proud of these high schoolers making a difference in our community.

Buzz Bowl Spring 2018 California

  • June 10 2018

It was time for us to share the innovative art of STEM learning and spread our cause across the U.S.A. We relived the humble beginnings of Buzz Bowl, nearly thousand miles away from Washington state. Appreciation of 30+ kids from 5 schools made our first Buzz Bowl in California worth every minute spent writing questions across the subjects such as Earth Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math, and Astronomy. The resemblance of excitement among students and parents, encouraging post-event feedback and curiosity to know when we will be back with the next Buzz Bowl reinforced our decision to start the California chapter of Science For Community.

Buzz Bowl Winter 2018

  • Jan 27 2018

Buzz Bowl’s innovative format and learning experience made it popular in the greater Seattle area. Learning from past events, we automated score-keeping and award calculation process which tremendously reduced the wait time for parents and students. We also introduced the intermediate category and revised the reference material for students from all levels. It was delighting to see so many students wanting to share their exciting Buzz stories with us, inspiring us to create our own YouTube channel. We are very proud to make Buzz Bowl accessible, absolutely free to the students who could not afford to pay for it. Fostering excitement for STEM learning is our prime goal.

Buzz Bowl Fall 2017

  • Dec 16 2017

In the fall, we got invited to conduct a private buzz bowl for one of the largest middle school science clubs in the greater Seattle area. Our rigorous questions helped the middle school select top 3 teams for making official nominations for the Science Bowl Regionals competition. Parents support and active help made our job extremely easy. We were delighted to know that the teams we helped select did well at the Regionals competition. Gratified from our help, the club extended an invitation to help next year as well.

Buzz Bowl Spring 2017

  • June 10 2017

After a hugely successful event earlier in January, we received many requests from parents who wanted their elementary kids to benefit from Buzz Bowls exciting learning experience. Hence, this time we opened the game to 5th-8th graders. We suggested the middle school level study material for all kids to get started. Receiving generous Thank You notes from parents was heartwarming and humbling at the same time. Odle Middle School hosted 175+ kids and nearly 200 parents.

Buzz Bowl Winter 2017

  • Jan 8 2017

Learning from the past event, the game format was modified to offer level-appropriate questions for beginners as well as students preparing for the National Science Bowl. We also separately awarded beginners and advanced learners. The teams had a lot of fun challenging other unknown teams to buzz faster and score more. It was an amazing community experience. Unlike our last event where we only accepted individual students and formed teams, this time we opened it to self-formed teams. Tyee Middle School was a great place for us to expand. We had 100+ kids this time and plenty of room for parents to sit and watch their kids buzzing.

Buzz Bowl Summer 2016

  • August 14 2016

It’s easy to keep the kids busy during the summer - enroll them in summer camps. But, it’s hard to find out how much they really learned. And, it’s hardest for the parents to keep the kids engaged and entertained when they are not in the camp. Our first Buzz Bowl solved all these problems by motivating kids to learn a subject on their own, test and prove their knowledge. The game of math and science, multiple choice and short answer questions were organized in a fun format. We teamed up every kid with other similar and smart middle school kids. The teams challenged each other to buzz faster and have fun. We had a great start with 30+ students at the Bellevue Technology Center.